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Easy To Use Red Wine Aerator+Bacchus Break Wine Chiller
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Product Description

Our Wine Aerator is the key to great taste!

Bring out the amazing nuances of your favorite wine with the Bacchus Break wine aerator. By injecting air bubbles into the liquid, you are essentially letting the wine breathe without wasting prime drinking time. The aroma and flavor are so enhanced, you’ll never drink red wine without aerating it first ever again.

Our Wine Aerator works like a charm!

For such a simple tool, the Bacchus Break wine pourer is sophisticatedly designed with high quality materials that will stand the test of time. It’s also FDA approved which means your family is safe from toxic chemicals and materials. The decanter is also so easy to clean, you won’t even mind doing it by hand. Just run soapy water through the spout, rinse and go back to the party.
THE BEST GIFT FOR ANY VINO GEEK! Whether the occasion is a birthday, anniversary, even a wedding, the Bacchus Break portable wine bottle aerator is a thoughtful and unique gift. And don’t forget about yourself! This is a must-have accessory if you host parties on a regular basis.

Never spill wine again with our Wine Aerator!

As fun as it is to watch the little bubbles pouring out as the Bacchus Break wine aerator does its thing, it would not be so fun if those wine bubbles spilled all over your white tablecloth or carpet. Never fear, this unique dispenser is totally spill proof and drip free. FITS ALL WINE BOTTLES ~The first thing to keep in mind before purchasing an aerator is whether or not it will fit any bottle. This standard size will fit all wine bottles with a secure, snug fit alleviating any concern over dripping or spilling.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Buy with confidence!

This wine aerator pourer for ALL bottle types will be the LAST aerator you buy. WHY? Because we stand behind our product 100% therefore we are willing to offer this phenomenal guarantee. When you receive your Bacchus Break aerator, if you are not satisfied for any reason we will replace it a no charge or simply give you a full refund of the purchase price, no questions asked. We only want happy customers! Purchase now and rest assured that a great product is on its way! You’ll be thankful that you made such a great purchase. Spend a few more dollars and get the Bacchus Break LIFETIME guarantee! This sale won’t last long! Buy NOW with 100% Confidence!

Let it breathe!

Every wine lover knows that red wine is best when you’ve decanted it. The exposure to air helps the wine open up its unique aromas and improves taste. But who has time for that? Or the patience, for that matter. The Bacchus Break wine aerator makes the decanting process as easy as pouring your first glass. Even cheap and inferior wine will taste awesome with this handy gadget.

Be a super cool wine expert.

You can actually watch the Bacchus Break wine aerator dispenser infuse air bubbles into the wine as you pour. That’s how you know every sip is properly aerated. Show off your outstanding sommelier skills at your next party by pouring the perfect glass of wine for every friend. The portable spout is perfect for tastings with many different vintages. No multiple decanters needed.

Never cry over spilled wine again.

The Bacchus Break wine aerator is spill proof and drip free. Simply assemble the air tube to the pourer, insert it in the bottle and go for it! Your tablecloth and carpets are safe. And your wine is just where it should be, in your glass. When you are finished indulging, de-assemble and rinse the diffuser parts with soapy water.

You deserve to taste a savory wine with every sip.

• 100% Food Grade Acrylic.
• Transparent design shows the process of aeration.
• Beautifully designed to make pouring smoother, achieving a more rapid aeration.
• Detachable, easy to clean and carry.
• Compact and portable size making it easy to travel with.
• Innovative craftsmanship which fits on any bottle and serves also as a drip stopper, leaving no messy clean ups.
• Makes a perfect gift!

Lifetime guarantee!

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    5 out of 5

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    You can really notice the taste difference, thank you!

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So, the wife has always been a wine drinker. Me?, mostly a beer drinker. I stumbled across this particular Bacchus Break item on the net and instantly reflected back to those conversations we had about aerators improving the taste of wine. Being the skeptic that I am I decided to order the sleek, cool little alcoholic apparatus and once and for all prove my loving wife wrong. We recieved it in quick time and soon after put it to the test. Well, well, well, I was stunned! Somehow, it seemed to elevate the flavor. Again, I'm not exclusively a wine guy but this, this I can get used to. Needless to say the wine started flowing. Three bottles later we're chasing each other around the house in some kind of role playing gig where she's the bottle and I'm the cork!! :) wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Anyway, back to the review. Even though I recieved this very cool aerator at a discount I would have easily paid full price especially now that I know better. PS, the wife was right AGAIN!

Ron L.

At Bacchus Break, we are dedicated to creating safe, classy and affordable barware for you and your family/friends to enjoy. With Bacchus Break, broken glass has met its match, because...well..drunk people drop sh*t! Our products are safe for children and your tipsy friends and family!

We are also a green company as we give back to 1% of the Planet AND our products are reusable and recyclable.

Check out our products, let us know what you think, and become a part of our awesome community!